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How Can I Include a Link in My Emails?

By adding a hyperlink rather than a raw affiliate link always works better because not only is it more professional, but your audience is then laser targeted which is where the actual sales come from. One of the best ways to know if your audience is targeted correctly is the analytic of visitors to sales ratio. When your audience is targeted you will notice a lot less visitors, but a lot more sales.

Adding a Hyperlink in Outlook

When you use Outlook for your email, Microsoft had truly simplified many advantages of email marketing. After you clicked on the “New Email” to send you will notice an option for “Insert” at the top left to the new email template. After you click on Insert you will see many insert options but all you want to do is click on the tab marked “Hyperlink” top middle of the Insert page.

After you wrote your email preferably using a keyword in your call to action, you need to highlight your call to action and then click on “Hyperlink” for another window to open. At the bottom of that window you will notice a prompt for your Link, simply enter the URL you wish to use there and click on save. Your Text should now appear in another color, and sometimes automatically underlined.

Adding a Hyperlink in Google G-Mail

As with Outlook where you use the “New Email” to send mail, the only difference is with Google G-Mail you use the red “Compose” option top left of the page. Once you have typed out your email message you also simply highlight your call to action. At the bottom of that window to the right of your send option you will notice a little chain symbol. When you click the symbol you will be requested to enter the URL.

Simply enter your URL and click on “OK”, and your hyperlink will be added to your highlighted text which will appear a lot more professional. And with your keywords in your call to action your actual visitors will be much more targeted which will result in much better conversion.

Hyperlinks can also be added through your Auto Responder which is your best email marketing tool, because it also collects new subscribers by means of landing pages and web forms. Regardless of the origin of your email messages your content should contain some of the keywords because that is a clear indication to your visitor on exactly what the offer is about.

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Article Source Link by Deon Christie