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How to Recover Deleted Emails in Microsoft Outlook 2010

The article is designed to help users recover the emails they have accidentally deleted by hitting the Delete button. It happens that users often unintentionally delete their emails and then struggle hard to get them back. Don’t worry. You can regain access to your lost emails using simple methods explained in this article. You must also read Additional Tips (given at the end) for what emails can be recovered and what not.

Outlook 2010, the latest email client version from Microsoft, has an inbuilt option to recover your deleted emails including the hard deleted ones. However, this option will work only when you have your email account properly configured to work with the Microsoft Exchange Server (MES). Though it is easy to regain access to the mails, you might need help doing so. Below are the simplified instructions that will assist you recovering your lost emails.


Open Outlook and click on the Deleted Items folder. Click on the File tab at the top (from the ribbon menu) and then click on the Recover Deleted Items option at the extreme right hand side. Wait until the process finishes and brings up the deleted items. When finished, check your emails and put them back to the relevant folders (only if you want to).

If you find that somehow the Recover Deleted Items button is grayed out (not click able), then you will be required to enable it using this simple tweak. Go the Start menu (the Windows button) and select Run. When the Run window opens, type ‘regedit’ (without quotes and as is) in the box, and hit Enter on the keyboard. If you are using Windows Vista / 7, then use Start Search menu to type the command. If prompted for a confirmation in Vista / 7, then click on Yes or OK to continue to Registry Editor.

When the Registry Editor window opens, click on the ‘+’ sign next to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE to expand it and navigate to Software> Microsoft> Exchange> Client> Options. Right click on the Options folder, click on New, and then click on DWORD Value. When the box opens, type ‘DumpsterAlwaysOn’ (without quotes and as is) under the Value name heading, and click on OK (or Yes whatever you see there) to close the box. Now double click on the Dumpster Always On folder, change value to ‘1’ (the numeric value) under the heading Value data, and click on OK to close the box. Now close the Registry Editor window and restart Outlook. The grayed out Recover Deleted Items button should be click able now.

Additional Tips:

    • You can recover emails only for a POP3 server account but cannot from accounts using IMAP, Yahoo !, Gmail, and AOL etc. There is an exception to the IMAP account in some cases. It hereby means that in certain cases emails can be recovered from an IMAP account but not from others including POP3.


    • You can recover your deleted emails even if these have been deleted from your Deleted Items folder. However, it is to be noted that emails can be recovered only until a certain period of time that has been specified your MES administrator. If that time period has been lapsed, then those emails cannot be recovered. The retention period for deleted items is usually 14 days in MES 2010.


    • Hard deleted emails are those emails that have been deleted directly without moving to the Deleted Items folder. Furthermore, the recovery of hard deleted items like other emails depends upon the specific retention time on MES.


  • It is must to follow all the registry edit instructions carefully and correctly. If you modify registry in a wrong way, then you might stumble upon severe problems. It is recommended to backup your registry if you think you it is risky.

Article Source Link by Kumar Gandharva Jha