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Identify the Right Hotmail Support Module for You

Hotmail was founded in the year 1996 by Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith. Within a year, more than a million people had their email accounts registered with Hotmail. Microsoft saw an opportunity in it and offered to buy it out. After acquiring the service in the year 1997, Microsoft made additions to this email account, bundling email service with Skydrive, better Contact management system, calendar, to-do checklist and more. Recently, Microsoft also upgraded its email service to Outlook, with the option to switch back to Hotmail too (for now; later all accounts will be upgraded permanently).

While Hotmail provides several user-friendly services to its users, there are times when one could experience issues while trying to access his email. There are a number of error messages that he may encounter. For this, Hotmail Support has provided several modules in its help section, which again is quite user friendly and has several solutions listed for a number of common issues that people could face.

Besides Hotmail also gives the option to its users to make use of its feedback service, using which they can send an email to its support team, citing their query or concern in that email, along with the resolution that they would like to have for it . Hotmail Support team then makes it a point to get back to the user in shortest time possible with the most appropriate resolution.

The backing of Microsoft also makes Hotmail one-of-its-class kind of service. Its user friendly, it’s simple, and it really depicts a professional look too, which does attract many to stick along with it.

But then it is also possible that while trying to get some resolution for your issue, you lose way somewhere in between, or you are not able to understand some step, which you had to follow to fix your issue. It is also possible that you understand the problem, and can fix it by yourself, but do not have much time to do it. At such time, you usually would search over the internet for someone who could do it for you.

There are indeed a number of companies existent today, which work as third party bodies, independent of Hotmail or Microsoft, which possess a team of experts who are trained to fix any of issue that you may experience with your email account. They do charge you with a fee in return for their services, but this fee is usually nominal, and does not burn a hole in your pocket.

You could, however look across a few of them to zero down on a company that would offer you its service at the lowest price, thus letting you end up with quite a bargain.

Article Source Link by Hansel Han