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Make an Out of Office Auto-Responder Using Outlook

Often we are out of office or home,or on a summer/winter vacation and need to inform our known, colleagues etc. about the same. Since, most of the people use email as the communication medium, it is really tedious to send individual message to everyone. So the best option is to set an auto-responder that in your absence automatically replies to everyone who sends in an email message. Sender receives a pre-written message that informs him about the person’s absence. Below are the instructions that will help you create an auto-responder in your Microsoft Outlook:

How to Guide:

    • Open your Outlook and create a usual email message, which is to be sent as auto reply.


    • Don’t forget to edit the subject line of your message, also write in a short message in the body text.


    • Add desired email addresses in ‘CC‘ and/or ‘BCC‘ fields, if you want you can send the messages to all your contacts in the list.


    • Click on the ‘File’ menu at the top, choose ‘Save As‘ and give your message a name like ‘Outlook Template‘ (without quotes) and close the message. You can give any name of your choice.


    • Now, click on ‘Tools‘ in the Outlook, and select ‘Rules and Alerts‘ from the drop-down list.


    • Under the first tab that says ‘Email Rules‘, click on ‘New Rule’.


    • Under the third heading that says ‘Start from a blank rule‘, click on ‘Check messages when they arrive‘ and click on ‘Next‘.


    • Now put a checkmark in the box that says ‘where my name is in the To box‘ and click on the ‘Next‘ button.


    • Again, put a checkmark in the box saying ‘reply using a specific template‘, now in the window below that says ‘Step 2 Edit the rule description‘, click on the third option that says ‘reply using a specific template‘. Click on the ‘Next‘ button.


    • In this window, select ‘User Template in File System‘ from the drop down list. Now locate the template you created earlier and open it. Click on the ‘Next‘ button.


    • In this window, put a checkmark in the box saying ‘Except if it is an Out of Office message‘. This option will let your auto reply message not to reply on anonymous auto-responder messages.


    • Click on the ‘Next‘ button and name this new rule. Ensure that the ‘Turn on this rule‘ box is checked.


  • You can optionally put a checkmark in the ‘Create this rule on all accounts‘ box. However, this option will not apply to HTTP accounts such as Hotmail etc.

Click on ‘Finish‘ and ‘OK

Additional Tips:

If you want, you can backup your Outlook rules. It is just for additional safety purpose if your Outlook crashes.

Article Source Link by Kumar Gandharva Jha