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Outlook Training Courses – 5 Great Outlook Tips and Tricks

Five useful tips for improving outlook skills. These include spell checking before sending an email, recalling sent messages, permanent delete shortcuts, deleting items from the auto complete list and quick ways of saving email addresses.

1. Automatically Check Spelling Before Sending an Email

In case your typing skills have a tendency to let you down – a good idea is to set up Outlook to always check the emails for spelling errors before sending the message.

For 2010/2007:

Go to the File menu / Office Button

Select Options

From within the Outlook Options window, select Mail from the left-hand side

Tick ​​the box for “Always check spelling before sending”

Click OK

For Older Versions:

Go to the Tools menu

Select Options

Select the Spelling Tab

Tick ​​the box for “Always check spelling before sending”

Click OK

When you next create an email and click Send – the Spell check will start up. If there are any errors, you will be prompted to correct them before the email gets sent out.

2. Recalling a Message

It is possible to recall messages you have sent to recipients who are using Outlook and have not read the message or moved it out of their Inbox. This feature requires you to use Exchange Server, most home and personal accounts do not use Microsoft Exchange.

The recipient of the email message must also be using a Microsoft Exchange account.

Open the sent message from within the Sent Items folder.

For Outlook 2007/2010 – From the Message Tab on the Ribbon, click the Other Actions icon and select Recall This Message …

For older versions of Outlook – Click the Actions menu and select Recall This Message …

The ‘Recall This Message’ dialog box will be displayed.

Select the required delete option – Delete unread copies of this message OR Delete unread copies and replace with a new message.

Select whether notification of recall success / failure is required.

Click OK.

The original message window will be redisplayed.

Close the message.

You will be notified by email if the recall has been successful or failed.

3. Shortcut to Permanently Deleting

When deleting unwanted emails from your Inbox, try out this shortcut key to permanently delete the email. NOTE: This avoids the email going into the Deleted Items folder.

Press SHIFT and DELETE on the keyboard.

Click Yes to confirm you want to permanently delete the email.

4. Deleting from the AutoComplete List

As you may already know, Outlook remembers email addresses and presents these in an AutoComplete list. On occasions you may want to delete an address from this list for example, the address may be incorrect or now invalid.

Follow these simple instructions to delete addresses and keep your list up to date:

Start typing the address into a new email.

When the drop list is displayed, press the down arrow on the keyboard until the address is highlighted.

Press the Delete key on the keyboard.

5. Saving Email Addresses

If you have received an email and would like to save the email address into your Outlook Contacts follow these simple instructions:

Open the email that contains the address.

Right mouse click on the email address and select ‘Add to Outlook Contacts’ from the shortcut menu.

The email address will be displayed in a new Contact window allowing additional information to be typed in.

Click the Save and Close button when finished.

Article Source Link by Nicola Dolan