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Recover Accidentally Deleted Emails From Outlook

Emails have by far become the most important part of our personal and professional lives. That is why, Microsoft Office Outlook and Microsoft Outlook Express have become an integral part of our work life. Every day when we start our computer, especially in the office, the first thing we do is, check our mails. And mostly, we reply to them immediately, while others which need extra time, are marked or flagged, for reading and replying at a time, when we don’t have pressing work. Further, we do delete all the useless mails, also known as Junk mails. With a slew of Spam mails doing the rounds today, there are a large number of mails that we delete daily, or weekly. To prevent accidental deletion of useful files, there is the added option of ‘Deleted Items folder’, in both the Microsoft email applications which allows us to recover deleted e-mails.

But when we are sure of the emails we do not want in our Outlook mailbox, like junk mails and Spam mails, we go ahead and delete them using Shift + Delete key combination. This way of deleting the files is also known as hard deleting a file. Another way of hard deleting files is by deleting the deleted files from the ‘Deleted Items folder’. But there are times, when along with the useless files, one or a few important files also get selected for deletion, and therefore get deleted, rather get ‘hard deleted’.

In such situations, for MS Office Outlook users, the only savior is archiving feature (ie, in case your hard deleted files were archived before you deleted them). Archiving is a way of creating backups of old items like, emails, attachments, contacts, appointments, notes, journals, etc. Though, it is not necessary to create a backup manually as AutoArchive is a feature that allows you to backup files on the basis of default or specified archiving settings, automatically. Otherwise, you’ll have to recover deleted e-mails, by opting for third-party deleted mail recovery applications. These applications scan the entire PST file for all the items that have been deleted due to some reason or the other.

Article Source Link by Axel Culver