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Recovering Emails – Using Email Recovery Tools

An extended form of the word ‘e-mail’ is electronic mail. It is used to exchange digital messages from sender to one or more than one receiver. An email operates over the internet and consists of three main components, the message header, the message envelope and the message body. Message header includes an originator’s e-mail address, recipient address / addresses and control information. E-mails follow a ‘store and forward’ model that enable sending or receiving the messages even when the users or their computers are offline. An E-mail server is required that accept, store, forward and deliver messages. Every email sent passes over a number of mail servers along its way to reach its intended recipient.

Modern communication is established across email technology. There are various email clients like MS Outlook Express and MS Outlook that caters to the ever-increasing need of the business communication. Each email client makes use of a precise file format to save the mailbox data of their users in OST, PST or DBX file format. MS Outlook saves the mail box data in OST and PST file format, whereas Outlook Express saves the user’s mail box data in EML and DBX file format. User mailbox items include calendar, appointments, journals, contacts, notes, tasks etc.

Emails are prone to severe corruption. Such corruption further affects the business communication process. Microsoft Outlook is provided with an in-built email recovery function that enables the user to recover the corrupt data from the OST or PST files. However, it does not have that effective impact over the email recovery process. On the other hand, Outlook Express is not installed with any such in-built recovery tool.

Despite the presence of huge installation base of MS Outlook and MS Outlook Express, they haven’t been able to remove even the common problems that cause corruption of the email database storage files.

Due to the following issues the Outlook Express files get corrupts:

• When an antivirus program scans the outgoing as well as incoming email, it causes.dbx data corruption

• .dbx email archives get corrupt due to large number of emails stored in inbox, draft or sent folders

• ‘Compact File or Compact All Folders’ option is widely responsible for.dbx file’s damage

• Improper termination of Outlook Express

• Power interruptions

• Virus attacks

Due to the following issues Microsoft Outlook files get corrupt:

• Damage caused due to 2 GB.pst file size limit

• Accidentally deleted messages, notes and contacts

• Corruption inside the.pst file header

• Corruption caused when a.pst file is used over network

• Software malfunction

Slightest deviation in the file format confuses MS Outlook and MS Outlook Express and results in loss of your valuable data. It is advised that you keep a backup copy of all your PST, OST and DBX files. If your files have already corrupted and you are not able to access your mails, the possible solution left with you is to choose a reliable third-party e-mail recovery software. Email Recovery Software will efficiently checks all the damage and offers quick recovery of all your email messages and other mailbox items within split seconds. Email Recovery Software are available in the evaluation version. Evaluation version gives you a fist hand experience of the product and gives you a fair idea of ​​its working and result.

Article Source Link by Michael J Farmer