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Steps to Perform Easy Email Backup

Email backup is the better solution when there is an instance of losing information stored in the PST file folder. It’s a common that we are aware nowadays all rely on email as the source of communication. The Microsoft Outlook not only contains the messages but also keep track of some of the important records such as journals, meeting requests, notes, rss feeds, task, task requests, attachments including the documents and images also includes properties such as subject, to, from, cc, bcc, date, etc.

All this information gets saved into a separate folder “PST file” which specifically works in saving all these records. But what if the personal storage file is been corrupted due to the memory capacity exceedation this happens because the limitation given in the Microsoft Outlook of 2 GB. To overcome this problem, there is a solution i.e. compacting of PST file while doing it there are chances of getting corrupted. Compacting otherwise called as archiving lets the user to archive the PST file so that the disk space is saved and the 2GB size limit issue is solved.

There are also other circumstances of losing these files like unintentional deletion, i.e. when the user deletes the PST file by mistake and then goes onto empty the Recycle Bin in order to save some space or if he feels that it would result in slowing down of the system. Sometimes partition corruption or repartitioning can also lead to data loss which could result in loss of the personal storage folder, formatting or reformatting the particular drive that contains the personal storage folder. Other reasons of loss or deletion of the PST file include virus attacks, unexpected system shutdown or software failure.

The above scenarios may result in loss of the personal storage folder which not only contains messages but also all the records residing in PST file. To overcome this problem, there are various third party utilities which let you download the demo version and solves the problem of how to recover deleted personal storage folder. However, not all the utilities are good enough in recovering or even backing up the entire data.


Act wisely when there is a data loss circumstance, time constraint is important or else the information residing will be overwritten and leads to permanent data loss.

The recovered information can be saved into the desired destination for example a CD, USB drive external hard drive etc.

Article Source Link by Susan George