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Windows Live Mail: Problems and Fixes

With the launch of Microsoft Windows 7 and Vista, Microsoft transformed most of the things that users were accustomed to in the wake of offering them a better, enhanced experience with its operating systems. Outlook and Outlook Express, the popular email clients, were among those programs that got a big change with Vista and 7 operating systems. Outlook Express became Windows Mail while Outlook was changed to Windows Live Mail. Windows Mail was also finally taken over by Windows Mail, which is the only latest email program in all Windows versions including Windows 8, the forthcoming cult operating system.

Like any other revamped, new program, Windows Live Mail has had its share of benefits and problems. In this post, I’m going to discuss about Windows Live Mail problems that users may suffer from while using Mail and some of the best-practiced fixes that can cure them. To start with, Windows Live Mail problems may span from and to

· Email setup issues

· Windows Live Mail doesn’t open up

· Send/receive errors

· Can’t view or save attached files

· Cannot download attachments

· Links don’t open up

· Incorrect password

· Running grammar and spell check

· Unable to search within mails or find out a particular email

· Spam, risky, unnecessary emails that flood Inbox like anything

· High-resolution photos take forever to load up

· Miscellaneous error messages

Setting up Mail is relatively easy and simple. You simple have to follow the email setup wizard’s instructions, enter the required details related to your email account and then get going. It’s as simple as creating and sending email to your friend. If you are setting up Windows Mail for the first time, you will see the email setup wizard automatically coming up to help you with the setup procedure. You just have to inject the required details and that’s it.

As far as the send/receive errors are concerned, incorrect incoming and outgoing server information is responsible for them. So you must put in correct email server details including port number and correct name of incoming and outgoing servers to get your emails to going. You can obtain the correct server details and password etc. from your ISP or email service provider.

Considering that its really important for you to be safe when opening links embedded in emails, Windows Live Mail may block phishing links and attachments. If you know a sender from whom the email or link has been sent, click the Unblock button on the information bar to display it.

If you want to make sure that the text you have put in your email is grammar and spell mistake-proof, then you can turn on the spell checker from the Tools tab> Options> Spelling. Select your language from the drop-down menu under Language and then click Apply and then OK. That’s all in this post today! I’ll bring you users more specific information about Windows Live Mail problems and error messages in my next post. Till then happy emailing!

Article Source Link by Shyamasrisen See